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plantbased products

produced by the family, from source to consumer

Our story

The Van Koolen family business produces the tastiest products based on mushrooms, vegetables and vegetable proteins. Our customers are always at the forefront of new product development.

We stand for taste, recognizable ingredients and a transparent story. That story is that, where possible, we grow our own ingredients and make innovative products out of them: the process from start to finish.

Meet our products

We make more from our mushrooms and
vegetables. Organic or conventional, fresh
or frozen, raw or pre-cooked, vegan
or vegetarian.

Our philosophy


With years of experience and knowledge of our family in the cultivation of mushrooms & vegetables. We work with fresh vegetables grown on our own soil where possible.


Van Koolen is close to the consumer, knows what is going on in the market and is actively responding to new developments. We develop high end products.

Our own research and development
A production capicity of 500 tons per week
High quality standards

We care about people, the planet, and contributing to a sustainable food chain.

Unique combination of mushroom- and agri­cultural farm
Soil of mushrooms used as fertilizer to grow various other vegetables
Contributing lower CO2 emissions in comparison to meat

Meet our people

We would love to cooperate.
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Wierweg 3, 1774 NH Slootdorp





+31 227 60 30 54